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How To Avoid Scams

We at Spring Break Direct are very concerned about young travelers having a reliable purchase and travel experience. Unfortunately, not all companies share this same philosophy.

Below you will find a list of ways other companies take advantage of youthful travelers. Please make sure you check out a company before purchasing a trip.


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Reliability, Reliability, Reliability:
Make sure to check out a company with the Better Business Bureau. Click here to launch the BBB’s online reliability report lookup. Simply type in the name of any company you're considering buying a trip from and read their BBB report. You may be shocked.

Hidden Fees:
It is illegal for a company to charge you more to use a credit card. Some companies hide this fee - they allow you to pay your deposit w/o a fee and then charge an extra $25.00 to pay the balance by credit card. Most travelers don't discover this until they attempt to pay their final balance.

All-Inclusive? Not really…
This term is probably the most misunderstood term among spring break shoppers. And evil sales people take advantage of that. "All-Inclusive" refers to a hotel feature that includes three meals/day and all drinks paid-for at your selected hotel's on-premises restaurants and bars. There are usually hours this applies to (like drinks from 10AM-11PM, and meals during the hours of the restaurants). The less-scrupulous companies may tell you that your package is "All-Inclusive" when they mean to say "complete" (i.e. all taxes and transfers included). Many companies offer dine-around meal plans (outside your hotel) and party wristbands that get you free drinks at different clubs (outside your hotel) during the day. They then mislead the consumer to believe the package is "All-Inclusive." To view the Spring Break Direct hotels that offer the All-Inclusive feature, visit our trip planner. The hotel name will be clearly marked. For example, in Acapulco we offer Playa Suites and Playa Suites All-Inclusive.

Sue Me? Sue You! : 

Beware of companies that word their contracts such that you will waive your right to sue if you have a problem with your trip. Companies that do this prefer to settle disputes via arbitration, which is in the best interest of the company, not the traveler.

Crazy Co-Terminals:

Industry-standard travel contracts state that the tour operator can elect to name co-terminals. Common co-terminals are (BWI/Reagan/Dulles), (Midway/O’Hare), (JFK/LaGuardia/Newark). This means that if you book say, “JFK” you may have to fly out of “LaGuardia.” The above co-terminals are rarely more than 20-40 minutes apart from each other. The problem arises when a spring break company names “crazy” co-terminals.

Here is a co-terminal list from a competitor’s contract: (Newark/JFK/LaGuardia/Philadelphia), (Philadelphia/BWI), (BWI/Reagan/Dulles/Richmond), (Richmond/RDU), (RDU/Charlotte), (O'Hare/Midway/Milwaukee), (Indy/Louisville/Cincinnati/Columbus) (Syracuse/Buffalo/Toronto/Rochester),(Detroit/Toledo).

In this case, the tour operator could require you to travel six hours to a new airport (with no option to cancel). It’s out there – be careful.

Don’t Get Scammed

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