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14-30 Hours FREE Drinks
Cancun and Jamaica,
South Padre Island:

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7-21 meals included
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 That's right, our campus
 reps are eligible
 for free travel, apply today.
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Sign up to be a campus rep and...

      Earn easy cash.
      Earn TWO free trips!
   Gain valuable resume experience.

We are looking for personable and motivated students to help us promote
Spring Break travel packages. We compensate our reps with cash commissions and free trips.

We provide all the promotional materials free of charge. You will never
have to pay for anything, regardless of the number of trips you sell. For this reason, we seek only committed reps.

Your job is to post Spring Break flyers on bulletin boards on your campus.
When someone takes one down and books a trip for their group you get credit
for the sale (We custom imprint each flyer with your code so you will always
get credit for flyers you put up). Unlike other companies, with
SpringBreakDirect you'll get paid for every trip you sell!!

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